Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Bank comprises of the following:

Name Designation Occupation
Mr. Abbas D. Habib Chairman Banker
Mr. Ali Raza D. Habib Director Businessman
Mr. Anwar Haji Karim Director Industrialist
Mr. Murtaza H. Habib Director Industrialist
Mr. Qumail R. Habib Executive Director Banker
Syed Mazhar Abbas Director Former Banker
Mr. Safar Ali Lakhani Director Former President, Soneri Bank Limited
Syed Hasan Ali Bukhari Director Former MD & CEO - Mackinnon Mackenzie & Co. of Pakistan/
Corporate Advisor
Mr. Arshad Nasar Director Former Chairman / CEO - Oil & Gas Development Co. Ltd. Former Country Chairman & MD - Chevron Pakistan
Manzoor Ahmed NIT Nominee Director Chief Operating Officer / Managing Director (Acting) - NITL
Chief Executive

Name Designation Occupation
Mr. Mansoor Ali Khan Chief Executive Banker
Company Secretary

Name Designation Occupation
Mr. Mohammad Taqi Lakhani Company Secretary Banker