Corporate Banking

At Bank AL Habib, Corporate Banking is all about everlasting and all season relationships revolving around strong values. Being a business oriented bank which believes in working together, we always strive for partnerships based on reciprocity and thus consider ourselves a bank that the dynamic and result-oriented businesses can relate to.

Mutually beneficial is the concept which forms the bases of our relationship. Our Forte has always been our turnaround time and service, we believe in providing solutions when they are needed the most.

We provide a wide array of business solutions including but not limited to the following

  • Working Capital Financing
  • Trade Financing
    • Export Financing (including Export Refinance Facility of SBP)
    • Dollar Based Financing under FE-25 (Both for Imports and Exports)
    • Discounting/Negotiation of Documentary Bills (Both Foreign and Local)
    • Financing against Imported Merchandise.
    • Financing against Trust Receipt
    • Letters of Credit (Both Foreign and Local)
    • Letters of Guarantees
  • Long-Term Financing facilities for new projects, expansions and BMR which also includes long-term finance facility offered by SBP.

Our team of dedicated and focused Relationship Managers headed by experienced and seasoned Team Leaders, are always committed to understand the needs of their customers and to support them. They are trained and groomed to find practical solutions and deliver decision in the quickest possible time.