Monthly Saver Account
Key Features

Launched from March 01, 2010

  • A Savings Account with monthly payment of profits for all age groups.
  • The account can be opened by any individual (single or joint) like salaried person, self employed, retired, housewife, minor, etc.
  • Rate of Profit is 4.75% p.a. on Average Monthly Balance applicable from June 1, 2018 .
    (The rate of profit on deposit schemes are current and subject to change)
  • Profit will be paid every month on the first working day of the following month.
  • No minimum or maximum balance requirement.
  • Free Internet Banking & E-Statements.
  • Customer may avail up to 90% financing on deposit.

Customer may:

  • Visit any nearest BAHL Branch
  • Obtain Account Opening Form designed for this product and submit the duly completed form with all supporting documents.

Note: The account does not offer free insurance coverage to customers.

Rules/Terms and Conditions:

Download PDF  ( 16.5 KB Approx. )

* Rates are subject to change. Please contact your branch for up to date information.