AL Habib Senior Citizen Account

A dedicated savings account for Senior Citizens aged 60 Years & above (Atleast one of the accountholders should be of 60 years & above in case of joint account).

Key Features:
  • No minimum or maximum balance requirement
  • Profit calculated on monthly average balance
  • Up to 90% financing against deposit
  • Free Internet and Mobile banking
  • Free Pay Orders/Bankers Cheques
  • Profit payout on monthly basis
  • No restrictions on withdrawals
  • Preferential rate of profit
  • Free Online Banking
  • Free E statements
  • ATM / Debit Card
  • SMS alert facility

Documents Required:
  • Original SNIC/CNIC along with copy
  • Copy of any utility bill
  • Proof of income or salary certificate
  • In case of salaried person, copy of service/employee card

  • Fee & Charges will be levied according to Bank’s prevailing Schedule
    of Charges
  • The rate of profit on saving accounts are subject to change from
    time to time
  • Taxes and Zakat will be applicable as per government regulations
    and directives of State Bank of Pakistan
Rules/Terms and Conditions:

Download PDF  ( 16.5 KB Approx. )

For details, please visit your nearest Bank AL Habib branch
or call: 111-014-014

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