AL Habib Young Savers Account

Young Pakistanis, 
Bank AL Habib has designed a new account specially for you, ... your own Young Savers Account.

  1. This is an account for Young Savers of up to 18 years.
    Visit the nearest Bank AL Habib branch with your parent/guardian to open your Young Savers Account. You can open an account with as little as PKR 5/=.

  2. Rate of Return on Young Savers Account is expected to be well above the return on normal savings account. The indicative rate of return on balances upto PKR 500,000 is 10.50% p.a. and 10.25% p.a. on above PKR 500,000 on Average Monthly Balance. (The rate of profit on deposit schemes are current and subject to change)

  3. Young Savers of 16 years and more will also be eligible to receive YSA EMV PayPak Debit Cards. This card may be used to withdraw money through ATMs and perform PIN-based retail POS transactions (where applicable), if specifically authorized by their parents/guardians (certain conditions apply).

  4. Until you, the Young Savers, are a minor, i.e., below 18 years, the account will be operated by your parent/guardian. When you attain majority, the balance in the account will be transferred to a new account which you will open and operate after completing required formalities, including the concurrence of your parent/guardian.

  5. Bank officers will also visit your school to help you open Young Savers Account and collect your deposit.

YSA EMV Debit Card Transaction Limits

Amount / per day (PKR)
ATM Cash Withdrawal 3,000
POS (Point of Sale) Transaction 3,000

Nominal Fee Structure

Amount (PKR)*
Card Replacement Fee 300

*FED will be charged wherever applicable

Balance Enquiry

BAHL YSA EMV PayPak Debit Card can be used to check your account balance at any time on any ATM in Pakistan.

Lost/Stolen Card

If your BAHL YSA EMV PayPak Debit Card is lost or stolen, please immediately call our Bank AL Habib 24/7 Call Centre on 111-014-014 to report the lost/stolen card.

Profit would be subject to Zakat, Withholding Tax and other Government Levies unless exempted.

Rules/Terms and Conditions:

Download PDF  ( 16.5 KB Approx. )

* Rates are subject to change. Please contact your branch for up to date information.

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