Internet Banking

What is Internet Banking? 
Internet banking is a real-time solution that allows you to access your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may do your banking from the convenience of your own home or office without visiting the branch or ATM. You may check your balances; view your account statements and transaction history for your various accounts. You can also transfer money between your accounts, change your password etc over the Internet all in a secure manner.

What do I need to make use of this service and how does it work? 
Our Internet Banking is easy to use. All you need is a personal computer or laptop that is connected to the Internet. 

What are the requirements to use Internet Banking?

  • You need a Bank AL Habib account.
  • You must be a customer who has registered for our Internet Banking service.
  • You need a PC/ Laptop with Internet access.

How do I sign-up for Internet Banking? 
If you are already a customer with Bank AL Habib, here are the things you need to do:
Contact your concerned branch, where your account is maintained, for the Internet banking application form. Upon filling the form, your user name and password will send to you, after 5 working days, from the date of submitting the application form.
You can also print the Internet Banking Application Form from online,
Please read the terms & conditions carefully and print a copy and/or retain the information electronically for future reference.

I'm already signed up for Internet banking. How do I sign-on? 
As long as you have Internet connection, log on to Bank AL Habib website and click on the Internet Banking. Enter your Username and Password at the prompt. 

What banking transactions can I perform with Internet Banking?
Internet Banking enables you to manage your accounts and investments more easily. It also gives you greater control over balances, transfers and fixed deposits. The following services will be available for customers:

Account Info and Other Services

  • Balance Inquiry
  • Account Statement
  • Cheque Book Request
  • Fixed and Call Deposit
  • Cheques in Clearing
  • Change Password
  • Address Change Request
  • Funds Transfer
  • Bill Payment
  • Remittance Request
  • Account Usage

Credit Card Services

  • Balance Inquiry
  • Transaction details
  • Credit Card Payment
  • Change Password
  • Account Usage

How secure is Internet Banking?
The information you provide is kept strictly confidential. And the latest electronic encryption technology ensures the secure transfer of information over the Internet.
Because account security is important to us, we have built safety measures into Bank AL Habib which reflect the importance of this issue. You'll be allowed to change your own password, and all information sent and received is encrypted.

How does the Bank AL Habib make sure that only I can access my accounts?
You must enter Internet Banking Password every time you access the system. The password is known ONLY to you.

What can I do to maximize security?

  • Keep your password secret.
  • Never leave your computer unattended while logged on to Bank AL Habib Internet Banking service.
  • Don't use your date of birth, telephone number, address, your name or the name of a friend or relative in your password.
  • Lock your password when you logout from Bank AL Habib Internet Banking service.

How often do I have to change my password?
We recommend that you change your password frequently. Your password is your 'key' to Online Banking, so it's important that you take precautions to keep it safe. Under the Online Banking Conditions of Use, you are obliged to protect your password. To change your password, use the 'Change Password' link within your Online Banking session.

How secure is Online Banking on a shared computer?
As long as you log off properly and maintain appropriate personal security procedures, your Online Banking can be just as secure on a shared computer as a personal computer.

Does Bank AL Habib charge to use the Internet Banking Application?

What if I forget my Username and Password? 
If you forget your Username and Password, You should Contact your concerned branch, where your account is maintained during banking hours or call anytime at 111 -014 – 014 for assistance.

Can I view all my accounts via the internet? 
Yes, you can view all your various accounts.

What do I do if I notice an unauthorized transaction has gone through my account?
If you believe your Internet Banking information has been negotiated or you notice a transaction you did not initiate, you must contact your concerned branch, where your account is maintained or call 111-014-014.

If I transfer money today, can I take it out at the ATM?
If you transfer funds to your Bank AL Habib accounts, which allow access via the ATM, you will be able to withdraw any available funds immediately.

Can I transfer money overseas?
No. To arrange an International Telegraphic Transfer, please contact your concerned branch, where your account is maintained.

Whom should I talk to when encountering trouble in using Internet Banking during banking hours or after banking hours? 
You should Contact your concerned branch, where your account is maintained during banking hours or call anytime (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) at 111 -014 – 014 for assistance and support. We look forward to serving you.

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