Internet Banking Security Alert

Always beware of phishing scams & identity thieves on the Internet.

While Bank AL Habib is committed to keeping our customers, data and bank accounts secure, we would also like to remind our customers to continue being vigilant, and remember the following security awareness tips.

Online frauds are common these days, fraudsters are always looking for your personal details, passwords and login information. Bank AL Habib will never ask for your secure banking information by email which includes your internet banking Login ID / Username, password, financial PIN, debit card details, account information, PIN / TPIN, your bank account title or number, home address, mother’s maiden name, date of birth, landline / mobile numbers, CNIC (Nadra – National ID Card details) or other such details.

Please note the following:

  • Always check the email address of the sending party and MAKE SURE that email address is that of Bank AL Habib.
  • Bank AL Habib will NEVER ask you to login to your account from the link provided in an email and such links should NEVER be clicked.
  • Bank AL Habib will NEVER ask for your FULL PASSWORD during internet banking login.
  • Bank AL Habib will NEVER ask for your EMAIL ADDRESS OR PASSWORDS
  • Bank AL Habib Online (Internet) Banking should always be logged into through the browser and you should do so by typing directly into the browser address bar and click on Internet Banking from this site or use

If you have received such emails and acted upon them, or if in doubt, please call us on our 24/7 Phone Banking at 111 014 014.

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Dear Customer,

Due to a security upgrade, you may encounter a General Error at the time of logging-in, if you have enabled the compatibility mode on your browser.

If you face this issue either log-in again or disable the compatibility mode on your browser

Thank you

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