AL Habib Special Saver Certificate

Launched from October 28, 2010

  • Three year Savings Certificate with six monthly payments of profits.
  • The account can be opened by any;
    1. Individual (single or joint) like salaried person, self employed etc.
    2. Register Partnership concern.
    3. Public & Private Company.
    4. Registered trust.
    5. Government Body etc.
  • Minimum Amount required to invest in the certificate is Rs. 25,000.
  • Profit will be automatically credited to the customer account.
  • On maturity of the deal customer may opt for automatic roll over at prevailing rate.
  • Expected Rate of Return on deposits effective December 4, 2018 payable after completion of every six months. (The rate of profit on deposit schemes are current and subject to change)

    Rate of Profit Applicable During:

    First Year 9.25% p.a. (1st & 2nd Profit Payment)
    Second Year 9.30% p.a. (3rd & 4th Profit Payment)
    Third Year 9.50% p.a. (5th & 6th Profit Payment)

  • If the deposit is en-cashed prematurely, the broken period will be paid at the prevailing Savings Account Profit Rate without affecting profit paid previously.

Customer may:

  • Visit any nearest BAHL Branch.
  • Obtain Application Forms designed for this product and submit the duly completed form with all supporting documents.
Rules/Terms and Conditions:

Download PDF  ( 16.5 KB Approx. )

* Rates are subject to change. Please contact your branch for up to date information.