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Changan Auto Brings Exciting Offer


Bank AL Habib in collaboration with Changan Auto are offering fantastic deals for your dream car. Get exclusive rates on financing, discounts on Insurance/Takaful, personal accident coverage, and much more. Visit the nearest Bank AL Habib branch or Changan Dealership for more details.

Parameters Campaign Features

Karvaan Plus, Karvaan Standard, Alsvin MT, Alsvin DCT, Alsvin Lumiere, Oshan Future Sense, Oshan Comfort and M9

Mark-up / Rental Rates (variable)

New Vehicles

1-5 Years: 1 Year KIBOR + 2.5%

Note: Tenor is subject to applicable Prudential Regulations

Insurance/Takaful Rate
(Habib Insurance)

1.75% (with Tracker)

1.50% (without Tracker)

Note: Depreciation is waived in 1st year of Insurance/Takaful coverage

On renewals, standard depreciation will be charged as per the manufacturing year

Fuel Tank
OR Accessories

Karvaan Plus, Karvaan Standard, Alsvin, M9 = Fuel Card (100 Litters Fuel) Oshan = Accessories worth Rs. 30,000 (in case the selected accessory exceeds the promotional budget customer can pay the additional amount and adjust the difference)

Priority Delivery

1 Month exclusive Delivery Time (within 30 working days of receiving the order)

Price Lock

Prices prevailing at the time of Booking will be locked. No additional amount in case of price increases of booked vehicle.

Government Tax increases (if any), will be paid by the customer

Effective from 1st April 2023 till 30th June 2023.