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AL Habib Kissan Revolving Credit Scheme

This scheme ensures timely provision of crop inputs like Seed, Fertilizer, Pesticides, labour, etc. for production of crops. Farmers can utilize funds upto three years with one time documentation (conditions applied).


AL Habib Farm Production Financing Scheme

This scheme helps farmers to bridges financial gap of their on-farm/ off-farm activities. It allows financing under Electronic Warehouse Receipt (EWR)/ against stocks of crop produce & any other Agri. Business Concern as per SBP's eligible items. The scheme facilitates Seed Processing Units, Godowns, Silos, Cold Storages, Processing of Agri. Produce (excluding five major crops), etc.


AL Habib Non Farm Working Capital Financing Scheme

This scheme caters working capital needs of Livestock Farming, Poultry Farming, Fisheries, Sericulture, Apiculture, Poultry/ Dairy/ Fisheries/ Meat processing its Storage, Packaging, Marketing, etc. feed/ fodder units & veterinary medical services.


AL Habib Kissan Farm Mechanization Scheme

This scheme cope with financial needs of farmers for mechanization of Agri. operations i.e. Tractor add ons, Threshers/ Combine Harvesters/ Laser Land Levelers, Sowing Machines, Silage Machines, etc. Funds are provides for establishment of farm structures including Tunnel Farms, Solar Panels, Building & Machinery of Seed Processing Units, Silos, Gowdons, Cold Storages, etc.


AL Habib Non Farm Development Financing Scheme

This scheme is available to acquire assets (livestock/ equipment/ machinery) including purchase of local/ imported animals for Dairy Farms/ Cattle Farms/ Animals Fattening Farms/ Cattle Breeding.

It also support erection/ construction of Farm Structures, equipment/ machinery, Processing Units of Dairy/ Cattle/ Fattening/ Breeding Farms/ Poultry Farms (Layer/ Broiler/ Ostrich, etc.)/ Inland fish farms, fish hatcheries, aquaculture, fish boats, fish collection & storage facilities, etc. and to set up poultry feed mills/ storage facilities/ silos, structure for Vanda, Concentrate, Silage/ Fodder Business.


AL Habib Tube well/ Abyari Finance Scheme

This facility is available to develop land irrigation solutions i.e. drip/ sprinkler/ pivot systems, etc. solar panels/ electricity supply systems. It facilitates installation of electric/ engine mounted/ turbine based tube wells, motor pump, etc. development & lining of water channels, reclamation of land & construction of mini dams/ karez/ water reservoirs/ water catchments for rain fed areas, land leveling/ laser land leveling, etc.


AL Habib Agri Value Chain Financing Scheme

This scheme is designed to meet Fund/ Non-fund based requirement of farmers under arrangement with value chain actors i.e. Aggregators/ Agri. Produce Processors, etc. The scheme entails financial inclusion of small farmers under arrangement with Agri. Produce Processors/ Aggregators (grower finance/ deferred payment vouchers of Sugarcane/ Tobacco/ Milk/ Meat/ Poultry Processing Units, etc.).


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