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Do not let short term finance needs

compromise your crop production activities

Bank AL Habib offers financing to meet farmers’ short-term agriculture production needs/working capital requirements to raise their crops. Under this scheme financial support is extended with following features.

  • Available on demand/ running/ revolving basis.
  • One time documentation for complete tenor of loan.
  • Option to use limit as per requirement of the farmer.
  • Withdrawal and deposit of funds as per business needs of the customer.
  • Mark-up is charged on utilized amount only.  

Revolving Credit Scheme

Revolving Credit Scheme

Bank AL Habib offers Revolving Credit Scheme to meet farmers’ short-term agriculture production needs/working capital requirements to raise their crops.

  • Finance is extended for three years with one-time documentation.
  • Mark-up is charged on utilized amount only.
  • You can repay the amount on crop-cycle basis during the year.

Modernize & Mechanize Your Farm Operations for Better Crop Yield & Marketing of Agriculture Produce.

Bank AL Habib offers Farm Development Financing Scheme For mechanization of farm, development of farm infrastructure, better water management solutions, Installation of efficient Irrigation systems/ solar system, plantation of orchards, storage of farm produce, modernization of ware house facilities, etc.

This scheme includes financial support for purchase of tractors, tractor-mounted and tractor driven implements/machinery combine harvesters, lasers land levelers and other implements/machinery to be used for agriculture purposes. It also includes on site and off site infrastructure development.Working capital for stocks and term finance facilities for construction of godowns, Silos or sitting up of cold storage for agriculture produce/ commodities are also available

Salient Features

  • Financing availability for 1 to 5 years’ tenure according to the specific purpose.
  • One time documentation for complete tenure of loan.
  • Setting of easy installment repayment schedule (frequency) as per repayment capacity of borrower and business/ crop cycle.
  • No charges on balloon payments/ early settlements.

Help Pakistan To Attain Food Security With Sustainable Growth.

Non-Farm sector constitutes 52% of Agriculture activities i.e. Poultry, Livestock, Fisheries, Meat & Milk Processing Units, etc.

Bank AL Habib offers financing facilities for all kind of Non-Farm working capital needs. i.e. Poultry & livestock farms, hatcheries, feed mills, fisheries, etc.

Salient Features

  • Financing is available on running finance basis.
  • Option to use limit as per requirement of the business.
  • Mark-up will be charged on outstanding amount only.

Expand and modernize your Agriculture production and processing facilities

Bank AL Habib offers mid to long term financing on easy terms for establishment of following kinds of Agriculture business concerns under Non-Farm development Finance Scheme.

  • Poultry Farm (establishment of broiler/ layer/ breeder farms)
  • Livestock Farm (Construction of sheds & allied infrastructure, purchase of animals)
  • Construction & Installation of Units for storage
  • Feed Mills Infrastructure

Salient Features

  • Available for 1 to 5 years tenure (according to the specific purpose).
  • Ease in installment repayment frequency as per repayment capacity of borrower and business cycle.
  • Tenure for purchase of asset/machinery/equipment, not exceed useful life of asset (vehicle/machinery/equipment).

Be a progressive value chain actor of Agricultural activity.

Agriculture sector is encompassing diversified activities which engage a number of Value Chain Actors who are providing necessary supplies to the farmer, supporting cultivation/ farming activities, pre & post harvest services, marketing & processing of Agriculture Produce till final product is reached to consumer.

To cater financial needs of Agricultural Value Chain Actors, Bank AL Habib offers a range of facilities as per specific need of various nodes of value chain.

Salient Features

  • Available for 1 to 5 years tenure as per cropping / business cycle of value chain nodes.
  • Mark up plus principal/installments on or before maturity/due date.

AL Habib Kissan Diminishing Musharakah (DM):

To facilitate the demand from agriculture customers to have Islamic financing products, the above-mentioned product, meet medium & long term requirements to purchase a tractor & its allied add ons under Islamic mode of financing.

Salient Features

  • Under DM, financing tenor over 1 to 5 years.
  • The customer can easily repay the rent along with principal in Quarterly/Half yearly installments.
  • The scheme encompasses tractor, tractor mounted, and tractor driven implements such as:
    • Purchase of tractor
    • Purchase of tractor & allied farming equipment
    • Purchase of farming equipment only
  • Through DM Finance, the client has the following repayment options:
    • Bullet payment
    • Early termination

Easy calculation of principal & rentals

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