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Apni Car Finance

Leading to your dreams

Bank AL Habib ApniCar Auto Finance facility leads to your dream car through convenient repayment plans.

ApniCar Auto Finance Features and benefits

For receiving Home Remittances from abroad only
Free Accident Insurance up to PKR 500,000
No initial deposit or minimum balance requirement
Financing available for Brand New, Used & Imported Cars
Total Credit Balance Limit: PKR 2,000,000
Financing Upto 7 years (Financing for 6-7 years is only for Toyota, Honda, and Suzuki vehicles)
Cheque book facility
Easy monthly installments
Free E-statements
Pre-payment is allowable
SMS Alert Facility
Partial payments option
Cheque book facility
Choice of reputable insurance companies at competitive rates
Free E-statements
Quick processing and minimal documentation
SMS Alert Facility
Also available under Islamic Finance (Diminishing Musharaka)

Who can apply for Bank-AL-Habib ApniCar Auto Finance

  • Pakistani Nationals

  • Account holder of any Bank

  • Salaried person, Businessman or Self-employed

  • Individuals having other source of income i.e. Remittance, Rental, or Investments may also apply if they maintain satisfactory account at Bank AL Habib

Visit your nearest branch

  • Our highly trained executives will take care of your financing requirements

  • The only thing you need to worry about is choosing the car and its colour

Documents Required

  • Salaried Individual
    • Two recent photographs
    • Copy of Computerized / Smart National Identity Card (CNIC / SNIC)
    • Proof of employment, salary and work experience of minimum 1 year (Salary Slip/Employment Certificate)
    • Bank statement of last 6 months with reflection of salary credits
    • Two recent photographs
    • Copy of Computerized / Smart National Identity Card (CNIC / SNIC)
    • Acceptable proof of business
    • Bank statement of last 6 months

Frequently Asked Questions

Housing Finance

Bank AL Habib makes it easy to own a dream home

We offer financing from PKR 300,000 up-to PKR50 million, for a period of up to 25 years, not exceeding 75% of the appraisal value of a built up house whichever is lower.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Pakistani national.

  • Having valid CNIC / SNIC / NICOP

  • Existing customers maintaining satisfactory relationship of minimum 6 months with Bank AL Habib

  • Corporate/Commercial Relationships with Bank AL Habib.

Income Criteria

  • Self Employed Professionals / Business Individuals – minimum PKR 100,000/- per month net verifiable income

  • Salaried Individuals – minimum take-home salary of PKR 60,000/-

Age Criteria

  • Between 25 to 60* years for Salaried individuals

  • Between 25 to 65* years for Business/ Self-Employed

  • *Maximum age at the time of muturity of financing

Applicable Financing Rate

For Salaried individuals having Salary Transfer Accounts at
Bank AL Habib

1 Year KIBOR + 3% p.a

For Self Employed Professionals / Business Individuals, or Salaried Individuals (Salary Accounts With Other Banks)

1 Year KIBOR + 3.5% p.a

Rate revision on each category will be on loan anniversary.
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Mortgage Protection Policy

Equitable Mortgage of financed property along with Token Registered Mortgage. Life & Property Insurance Coverage.

Home Financing Charges

As Per Bank's Schedule of Charges

Documents Required

  • For Salaried Individuals
    • Loan Application Form (to be filled-in by the applicant).
    • Computerized CNIC / SNIC
    • 3 recent photographs (passport size).
    • Employment Letter with current designation, joining date.
    • Salary Slip/Certificate (at least 3 months).
    • Current paid utility bill of current residential address.
    • 1 Year Bank Statement with reflection of salary credits.
    • Declaration of other loan liability (CF-1).
    • Current Credit Card bill (If Applicable).
    • Any other Document Required by the bank.
    • Loan Application Form (to be filled-in by the applicant).
    • Borrower’s Basic Fact Sheet.
    • Computerized CNIC / SNIC.
    • 3 recent photographs (passport size).
    • Business Proof (At least 2 years).
    • 1 Year Bank Statement.
    • NTN Certificate / Form A & 29.
    • Current paid utility bill of current residential address.
    • Declaration of other loan liability (CF-1).
    • Current credit card bill (if applicable).
    • Any other Document Required by the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to apply for Bank AL Habib Housing Finance?
    • Fill the application form and visit your nearest branch of Bank AL Habib.

  • Variable Rate i.e. 1 Year KIBOR (subject to review on each anniversary of loan) plus bank’s spread (fixed during the entire tenure of the loan)

  • For Buying, Construction, balance transfer & Renovation 1 to 25 years.

  • Purchase PKR 0.3M to 50M
    Construction PKR 0.3M to 35M
    Renovation PKR 0.3M to 15M
    Balance Transfer PKR 50 Million
    • Pakistani Nationals.
    • At least 3 years of Professional/ Business/ Employment experience, or 2 Years experience in Salaried Employment.
    • Minimum take-home verifiable income of PKR 20,000 per month.
    • Installment not to exceed 45% (Debt Burden) of the monthly take-home income.
  • Bank AL Habib has exclusive arrangements with PBA approved valuators for this purpose.

  • The stages are as follows:

    Plinth Stage 30%
    Structure completion 30%
    Finishing Stage 40%
  • From last 1 year bank statement or income estimation whichever is applicable.

  • A representative from our approved income estimation agency will visit your place of business/work and appraise your income level, by going through the documents provided by you.

  • An account for you will be opened at the branch, closest and the most convenient to you. You will be required to deposit funds sufficient to afford a monthly installment in that account. A direct debit instruction from you in favor of Bank AL Habib would then allow us to debit the installment amount from your account on monthly basis.

  • If you already have an account with Bank AL Habib, you can give direct debit standing instructions in favor of Bank AL Habibwhich would allow us to debit the installment amount from your account on monthly basis.

  • We have provided you the basic information you need to know about Bank AL Habib Home Loan. If you wish to know more, you may visit any of our Bank AL Habib branch. Our designated Retail Credit /Account Officers in branches are available for your guidance.

    • Visit and meet account officer at Bank AL Habib branch
    • If you meet our criteria, you need to fill up application form and provide required documents.

    Once you have decided on the amount you want, fill the Application Form available in all the branches and pass it on to us, together with the required documents for a formal process of the loan application and initial approval.

    We carry out a property valuation, legal opinion on property documents through our approved valuators and lawyers, life & property insurance coverage.

    Our Relationship Managers shall get in touch with you to complete Finance & Charge documentation for execution and signing.

    Our legal advisor and bank’s representative will accompany you to the Registrar’s office on the appointed date with our cheque for final transaction.

    All applications to be processed as per bank's internal procedure, and applicable laws and regulations.

Low Cost Housing Facility for Special Segment

Bank AL Habib has now also started to cater Financing Facility for Low Cost Housing for Special Segments. The purpose of the loan is to make low cost housing affordable to lower middle and low income segment for only Construction of his/her house.

How to apply

Special Segment:

  • Widows.

  • Children of Martyrs (Shaheed) of law & enforcement agencies, armed forces and Civilians martyred in terrorist attacks.

  • Special persons holding CNIC / SNIC with disability logo/ symbol.

  • Transgender.

  • Persons who desire to construct (including plot purchase) housing units in the Mohmand, Bajaur, Orakzai, Kurram, Khyber, North Waziristan and South Wazirstan districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Eligibility Criteria:

All customers must fulfill the following requirements to be eligible for Bank AL Habib low cost housing finance for special segments:

  • Must be a Pakistani national.

  • Valid CNIC / SNIC / NICOP 

  • Borrower’s Age:
    Minimum 18 years
    Maximum 60 years for Salaried*
    65 years for Self Employed Professional/ Business Persons*
    70 years for Widows*
    *at loan maturity

  • Individuals in the above categories can avail financing subject to following eligibility criteria / conditions:

  • The borrower must not own any residential housing unit /flat / apartment. The borrower must not have availed housing finance previously from any bank/DFI. The loan shall be available only for construction (including plot purchase) of new housing unit. Maximum value of the housing unit, being financed under this scheme, shall be PKR 3 million (including plot value).

  • Sale or renting out of housing unit, financed under this scheme, shall not be al-lowed until full adjustment of outstanding finance or five (5) years after the date of first disbursement or, whichever is earlier.

Financing for Home Construction

  • This facility will be extended to individuals who never had a house owned in his/her or spouse name for plot purchase + construction thereon.
  • Only Spouse can be made as Co-borrower for income clubbing or property ownership. Income of spouse can be clubbed with primary borrower after obtaining his/her written consent for income clubbing and making him/her co-borrower in the case. However other credit parameters of the co-borrower will be as of the basic borrower.
  • Maximum Financing amount PKR 2.7 Million for plot purchase + construction thereon.
  • The financing for plot, to be purchased for the purpose of constructing house shall be allowed up to 1 million only.
  • Financing under any of the above conditions will be based upon net income of the applicant to ascertain repayment capacity.
  • Financing shall be available for a maximum period of 12½ years, which includes maximum grace period of 6 months.
  • Disbursement will be made in tranche percentage wise according to construction phase.
    • Plinth & Foundation     30%
    • Structure    30%
    • Finishing    40%
  • Land/Property valuation(s) will be made from an approved PBA valuator on Bank’s panel.
  • Legal requirements to be completed by applicant as deemed necessary by the Bank’s Legal Counsel.
  • Repayment in equal monthly installments based on the tenure of financing (including 6 months grace period for construction, where only mark up is to be serviced).
  • Customer will have the option of making balloon payments. Balloon payment fees shall be levied as per the applicable Schedule of Charges of the Bank.

Eligibility Criteria:

All customers must fulfill the following requirements to be eligible for Bank AL Habib housing finance product:

  • Must be a Pakistani national.
  • Existing individual customers maintaining satisfactory relationship. Minimum 6 months of active relationship with Bank AL Habib.
  • Bank AL Habib Corporate/Commercial Relationships.
  • Valid CNIC / SNIC issued by NADRA (NICOP card holders having businesses/employment in Pakistan may be accepted with conditions applicable).
  • Self Employed professionals (Doctors, Engineers, Chartered Accountants, Architects, etc) having at least 2 years of valid business proof with minimum PKR.100,000/- net verifiable income.
  • Self Employed Businessmen having at least 3 years of valid business proof with minimum PKR.100,000/- net verifiable monthly income.
  • Salaried individual having at least 2 years of permanent service and Possesses minimum net monthly take home salary of Rs 60,000/-.
  • Age must be 25 to 60 years for salaried individual & maximum 65 years for Business / Self Employed Professionals at the time of loan maturity.
  • Installment not to exceed 40% of the monthly take home income.
  • The aggregate Debt Burden should not be more than 50%.


  • Fixed at 5%.


  • Equitable Mortgage in favor of Bank AL Habib along with Token or Full Registered Mortgage as advised by our Legal Counsel
  • Life Insurance & Property Insurance Coverage


As Per Bank's Schedule of Charges


Nearest Branch of Bank AL Habib

Documents Required

  • Document Check List
    • Financing Application Form completely filled and signed.
    • 3 recent passport size photographs of primary & co-applicant.
    • Valid CNIC / SNIC of primary/co-applicant (Old NIC will not be acceptable).
    • Declaration of other loan liability (CF-1).
    • Latest 3 months salary slips (if any)
    • Latest Salary/employment certificate (if any)
    • Last one year bank statement; where salary is being credited (if any)
    • 1 Year Business Proof (if self Employed / Self Business)
    • Verifiable income proof.
    • Any other document deemed necessary

Frequently Asked Questions

Cash Finance

Need cash without encashing your savings?

Bank AL Habib Cash Finance is a hassle-free secured personal loan that provides cash for your need at the most competitive rate against your National Savings Certificates, Pak Rupee/Foreign Currency Bank AL Habib Deposits & First Habib Cash Fund units

Al Habib Cash Finance works in two ways

  • Running Finance Facility (RF), a Revolving line of Credit with quarterly mark-up servicing

  • Term Finance Facility (TF), 1 Year to 5 years, repayments in equal monthly installments.

What makes AL Habib Cash Finance a great option?

AL Habib Cash Finance Option Icon
Prompt & Hassle-Free Processing
AL Habib Cash Finance Option Icon
No Processing Fee
AL Habib Cash Finance Option Icon
Balance Transfer Facility
AL Habib Cash Finance Option Icon
Documentation Charges at Actual
AL Habib Cash Finance Option Icon
No Pre-payment Penalty
AL Habib Cash Finance Option Icon
Third Party security of Bank AL Habib Deposit/National Saving Certificates
AL Habib Cash Finance Option Icon
Free ATM/ Debit Card
AL Habib Cash Finance Option Icon
Free Online Banking
AL Habib Cash Finance Option Icon
Free eStatement/ iBanking Facility

Who can avail AL Habib Cash Finance facility?

  • Resident Pakistanis such as Salaried, Self Employed & Business Individuals.

  • Having Requirement of funds for personal use.

  • Having Satisfactory Credit History.

Finance Amount

  • Minimum Finance amount is PKR 50,000/-.

  • Maximum 90% against PKR Deposits / Encashment value of Securities and 85% on Foreign Currency Deposits.

Securities and Pricing

Financing upto PKR 5.0 Million Against Bank AL Habib PKR Deposits

Running Finance

2.00% over Deposit Rate

Term Finance

1.50% over Deposit Rate

Financing upto PKR 5.0 Million (Against Foreign Currency Deposits and Permissible Government Securities)

Running Finance

2.00% over 3 Months KIBOR

Term Finance

1.50% over 1 Year KIBOR

For Financing of over PKR 5.0 Million

Running Finance

1.50% over 3 Months KIBOR

Term Finance

1.25% over 1 Year KIBOR

Documents Required

  • Documents Required
    • Bank's prescribed Application Form
    • Copy of CNIC / SNIC
    • Latest salary slip / Salary Certificate (For salaried person)
    • Bank Account Statement for last six Months (For Business Person) Any other document of income proof, if available
    • Liability declaration (CF-1) 

    Open a Cash Finance Account

    • Visit nearest Bank AL Habib Branch for an Account Opening Form 
    • Submit the duly completed form with all supporting documents

Frequently Asked Questions

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