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International and domestic trade is highly complex and involves a web of intricate risks. Trade Finance delivers fast, efficient, reliable and comprehensive solutions for every stage of a client's trade value chain to support their foreign trade activities

Trade Services

Bank AL Habib Ltd has been offering its expertise and experience in Trade Finance to its customers since its inception. It is one of the leading Trade Finance bank of Pakistan. The bank maintains a global network of correspondent banks in addition to its network of local and overseas offices; which are strategically placed to support the domestic, regional and global trade finance requirements of its customers.

It provides an entire range of trade finance services which includes import and export activities such as issuing of Letters of Credit, purchasing export documents, providing guarantees and other support services to facilitate your trading business needs.


We assist businesses to trade overseas securely and cost effectively. We offer import and export businesses access to guarantees, global payments, trade finance and foreign exchange services, as well as providing expert technical assistance to help you gain from international opportunities.


  • Establishment of Import Letter of Credit. (Inland & Foreign)
  • Import Collections
  • Import Contract Registration
  • Open Account Transactions
  • Import Advance Payments
  • Financing for the importers by way of FTR, FIM, FCIF etc.


  • Export LC advising & confirmation.
  • Purchase of documents (FDBP) presented under LCs.
  • Documentary Collections
  • Pre and post shipment financing to the exporters such as FEBP, FAPC, FAFB, FCEF etc.
  • Arrangements to process documents submitted on contract basis to collect proceeds of export bills.
Trade Services

Local And Foreign Guarantees

  • Issuance of guarantees against counter guarantees of Correspondent Banks
  • Issuance of guarantees (SBLCs, Performance Bonds, Bid Bonds and Advance Payment Guarantees, etc.) through our correspondents under our counter guarantees.

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