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Why Bank AL Habib is the right choice?

Discover why Bank AL Habib is the place to build a banking career, the values that drive us, what opportunities and benefits we offer, our more than 10,000 employees work with the spirit of belonging to a family.

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Reasonfor Existence

Reasons for Choosing Bank AL Habib

Bank AL Habib has evolved into a large sized Bank in a little over 25 years. Due to best practices in human resource management, Bank AL Habib has been suggested as a preferred employer by its employees across Pakistan.

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Specialized Training

Specialised Training Unique to the Banking Industry

Bank AL Habib Limited (BAHL) has its own in-house training institution with a faculty of professionals, senior management members, and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to train all cadres of employees in all genres; banking functions and their products and services, people skills, and mandatory training to improve skills and efficiency required by an individual to become a better worker.

Fostering Leadership

Fostering Leadership

BAHL is committed to unleashing the full potential within the workforce, each employee is a part of the Bank’s team and each employee is provided with training and personal development to create awareness that they are valued assets and have the freedom to make decisions and set their own workplace parameters.

Your Career Progression at Bank AL Habib

Our employees are the most important asset of the Bank and the management marks out career development plans for every individual whilst polishing their skills through engagement and training. BAHL extends equal opportunities for both men and women, with the required skills and competencies to fulfill the Bank’s business requirements.

The management provides employees with training and development to enhance their skills and knowledge to further master the skills required for their current job. We encourage promotions and help our employees reach their desired goals through our specifically designed training programs.

BAHL is an organisation that inculcates learning and its employees are encouraged to attain academic qualifications such as a Master’s degree and professional qualifications such as JAIBP and AIBP.

Our Performance assessment process is an interactive one which provides the employees the opportunity to set their own goals and evaluate their performance by providing input of their activities during the assessment year. This process is not only about self-assessment but also provides the individual with the opportunity to discuss their career path with the relevant authority.

Equal Opportunities and Inclusivity

Women at Bank AL Habib are facilitated in different areas of work, so they may pursue their professional goals with dedication. They balance between their official assignments and family life, successfully steering their way through to the top.

Journey of Learning

Change is a constant process in life. We reward employees and inspire them to learn new skills. Team members always add value by bringing new ideas to the table. You get numerous opportunities to learn through programmed trainings and working with senior industry professionals throughout your career at BAHL.

Vision Statement

To be our customers' most convenient and trusted bank

Mission Statement

To make banking safe, simple, and pleasant
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