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To ensure financial inclusion of women Agri entrepreneurs under existing social norms, Bank AL Habib Limited has launched women centric financing scheme across the country.


Features of the Scheme

Key features of the scheme are as follows:

  • Financing is available to individual lady farmers/ co-applicants/ joint account holders as well as firms (with a woman having decision making role).
  • Priority service is offered at discounted mark up rate.
  • Financing period ranges from one year to five years depending on the nature of the loan.
  • Financing is available under conventional as well as Islamic modes.
  • Financing limit is assessed as per the volume of Agri-Business activities in the light of SBP’s guidelines and the bank’s policy/ procedures.
  • Debt servicing on a monthly/ quarterly/ half-Yearly basis as per business cycle.

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Agri. Business Manager, Agriculture Division, Lahore – Pakistan
Mr. Malik Muhammad Fiaz



Agri. Business Manager, Agriculture Division, Multan – Pakistan
Mr. Muhammad Shahid


Agri. Portfolio Manager, Agriculture Division, Lahore - Pakistan
Mr. Muhammad Asad Ayub



Incharge Agri. Islamic Finance, Agriculture Division, Lahore – Pakistan
Syed Shawaz Hassan


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