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Corporate Banking

At Bank AL Habib, Corporate Banking is all about everlasting relationships revolving around strong values. Whether you are a large corporation or a small business house, being a business-oriented bank, we have the expertise, insights, technology and financial solutions to help you.

Our team of dedicated and focused Relationship Managers headed by experienced and seasoned Team Leaders, are always committed to understanding your needs and trained to deliver practical solutions in the quickest possible time.

Working Capital

Working Capital Finance

Bank AL Habib is your companion for all business banking needs. We provide working capital finance to corporates for facilitating day to day operations and liquidity needs.

Working Capital

Trade Finance

  • Export Financing (including Export Refinance Facility of SBP)

  • Dollar Based Financing under FE-25 (Both for Imports and Exports)

  • Discounting/Negotiation of Documentary Bills (Both Foreign and Local)

  • Financing against Imported Merchandise

  • Financing against Trust Receipt

  • Letters of Credit (Both Foreign and Local)

  • Letters of Guarantees

Working Capital

Long Term Finance

Facilities for new projects, expansions and BMR (Balancing modernization and replacement) also include long-term finance facility offered by State Bank of Pakistan.

SME Banking

For us, supporting Small & Medium Enterprises is of paramount importance as they play an important role in employment generation and poverty reduction. They are the engines of economic growth and resource mobilization activities in the industrial sector in Pakistan. SMEs constitute 90% of all enterprises in Pakistan, employing 80% of non-agricultural labour force with an approximate share of 40% in the annual GDP.

Bank AL Habib SME Banking provides proactive, quick and quality services by simplifying procedure and reducing turnaround time for lending to the SMEs so you can continue your activities on a fast track. Qualified staff in our branches is there to help and support you on procedures for borrowing and make it convenient for you.

Agriculture Banking

Agriculture sector is a vital component of Pakistan’s economy as it provides the raw materials to industries down the line and helps in poverty alleviation.

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Trade Services

Bank AL Habib provides a range of services to facilitate your trading business needs.

Technical assistance for all types of foreign trade business. Our qualified Branch Staff is available in BAHL Branches to assist you.

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Cash Management Services

To provide value added services and solutions is part of our mission statement. We understand the complex requirements of corporate when it comes to effectively manage their liquidity/cash flows. Our Cash Management suite of services/products is geared towards addressing these business and operational complexities with the objective to streamline a company's receivables and payables.

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Cash Management
Creadit Cards


Upon the request of our customers and against collaterals and limits accorded to them subject to approval of our Central Bank (if required), we issue Counter Guarantees ( SBLCs, Performance Bonds, Bid Bonds and Advance Payment Guarantees etc) to our Foreign Correspondent Banks.

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Ways To Bank

Whatever your preference, Bank AL Habib offers convenient ways to help you the way you want