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Bank AL Habib Cash Deposit Machines allow you to deposit your cash instantly into a Bank AL Habib PKR Account.

Now you can avoid long queues and make cash deposits effortlessly.

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Key Features

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Seamless User Interface and Cash Deposit Journey
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Cash Deposit is instantly credited into the Beneficiary's Account
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Immediate Cash Deposit Transaction Receipt for Depositor
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SMS-based alert regarding successful deposit transaction for Beneficiary

How to Deposit Cash

Proceed on the Welcome Screen
Select "Deposit to Bank AL Habib Account" Option
Enter your CNIC and your Mobile Number
Enter Beneficiary Account Number/IBAN Number
Provide your Thumb Impression
Verify beneficiary information
Enter the deposit amount and select the purpose of payment
Insert Cash into the Cash Slot
Collect your receipt after a successful transaction

General Guidelines

  • Deposits can only be made to Bank AL Habib PKR Accounts
  • Mixed denominations of only PKR 500, 1000 & 5000 are accepted
  • The machine can identify counterfeit notes
  • Up to 200 Bank notes can be inserted in the Cash Deposit Slot in a single attempt