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Beware of Social Engineering Frauds!

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Social engineering frauds can happen through any medium such as human intervention or technology. It is essential to recognise such fraudsters, as they follow a common pattern of:

  • Relationship development – Hackers impersonate someone else and win your trust or influence you to share your sensitive information
  • Information gathering - Hackers ask for your Personal Identifiable Information (PII) i.e. Date of Birth, CNIC Number, Mother’s Maiden name, Account Information, etc.
  • Exploitation – Once hackers gain access to your personal and confidential information, they are likely to use it to perpetrate identity theft and cause financial harm to you

The Bank advises its customers to take the following precautions:

  • Avoid Sharing:
    • Personally Identifiable Information (PII) i.e. Date of Birth, CNIC Number, Mother’s Maiden Name, Account Information, etc.
    • Internet/mobile banking username and password, FPIN (Financial Personal Identification Number), TPIN (Telephone Personal Identification Number), One - Time Password (OTP)
    • Debit/Credit Card number, PIN and CVV
  • Avoid responding to discounts and offers that you may receive on email/SMS or call
  • Be suspicious of unsolicited email/SMS/Calls and do not respond to them immediately
  • Always verify sender/caller details for authenticity before responding to any email/SMS/Calls
  • Be cautious when sender/caller refrains from disclosing their basic information such as name, contact number, purpose etc.
  • To keep your account safe, consider changing passwords of your Internet/Mobile Banking and ATM PIN frequently, i.e. Monthly/ quarterly.

Furthermore, please note that Bank AL Habib will NEVER

  • Send you any email/SMS that would require you to download a file from any link
  • Call you to ask for your personal information

Please do not respond to such email/SMS/Calls and instead report such suspicious communications to our Contact Center on (92 21) 111-014-014.

We recommend that you regularly monitor/verify your account balance and transactions to ensure financial safety. Also, ensure that you have updated your mobile number and email address in your relationship branch to receive timely alerts of your account activity.