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Buy one and get one-month free subscription of STARZPLAY on your Bank AL Habib Mastercard Credit Card.

Star Play

Bank AL Habib Mastercard credit card holders can now avail a “buy one get one month free” subscription of STARZPLAY by Cinepax while paying online with your Mastercard credit card.

The offer is valid till December 31st, 2020.

Terms of Use:

  • Applicable to all Bank AL Habib Mastercard card holders
  • Mastercard or STARZPLAY by Cinepax may amend the rules or discontinue/terminate the promotion at any time at their sole discretion
  • Please note that only STARZPLAY by Cinepax promotion authorised and supported by Mastercard is the "1 month free" promotion
  • The service automatically renews every month
  • Free trial is valid for new customers only. Existing customers will get a free month on successful subscription through Mastercard
  • New subscribers get 2 months free, if they sign up with Mastercard
  • Existing STARZPLAY by Cinepax subscribers get 1 month free if they switch to Mastercard

We look forward to you enjoying an additional convenience with your Bank AL Habib Mastercard Credit Card.