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Eligibility Criteria

  • All Men / Women holding CNIC, aged Between 21 & 45 years with entrepreneurial potential

  • For IT / eCommerce related business, the lower age will be 18 years

  • Small & Medium Enterprises (startups & existing businesses) as per defination of SBP and owned by youth as per above mention age brackets are also eligible

  • All Sectors & Product including Agriculture

Loan Type

  • Long Term Loan
  • Short Term Loan
  • Financing of locally manufactured new or used vehicles upto 10 years old & locally manufactured or imported new or use plant & machinery upto 10 years old
  • Running Finance is not allowed under the scheme

Long Term Loan Tenor

Upto 8 years with maximum grace period of upto one year.

Short Term Loan Tenor

Initial tenor for woking capital loan is one year and after adjustment and subject to statisfactory repayment behaviour and risk profile of the borrower, the bank may allow roll over of the working capital loan annually for seven more years


Monthly or Quarterly Installment.


Product Customer Pricing Debt Equity for New Businesses Debt Equity for Existing Businesses Financing Limit
Tier 1 3% 90:10NilPKR 0.1 Million up to PKR 1 Million
Tier 2 4% 80:20NilAbove PKR 1 Million up to PKR 10 Million
Tier 3 5% 80:20NilAbove PKR 10 Million up to 25 Million

Security Arrangement

  • Tier 1 Loan: Clean, however personal guarantee of the borrower  

  • Tier 2 & 3 Loans: As per Bank's own credit policy  

  • Vehicle financed under T1, T2 & T3 to serve as collateral

Risk Mitigation

Government will bear credit losses (principal portion only) on the disbursed portfolio of the banks as under:

  • T1 Loans: Upto 50%

  • T2 Loans: Upto 20%

  • T3 Loans: Upto 10%

Insurance Cost under PMKJ -Yes will be paid by the borrower

Blood relatives of employees of participating bank cannot apply for loans under this scheme from the bank where their blood relatives are employed. For blood relatives, the definition of family member given in BCO 1962 may be considered which includes spouse(s), dependent lineal ascendants and descendants and dependent brothers & sisters