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State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) is offering Refinance Scheme for Working Capital Financing of Small Enterprises and Low-End Medium Enterprises

Financing Tenor

Financing Tenor

1 Year


Mark Up Rate


Per Anum


25 Million

Maximum financing limit for SE

50 Million

Maximum financing limit for Low End ME

Salient Features

  • Financing will be available to meet the working capital requirements of below mentioned SME sector
    Information Technology (IT) Gems and jewelry
    Furniture Leather industry
    Surgical goods Fruits, vegetables and food processing & packaging
    Dates processing Printing & packaging
  • All small enterprises (SEs) as defined in SBP’s Prudential Regulations (PRs) will be eligible under the scheme.
  • Medium enterprises (MEs) with annual sales up to Rs 300 million will be eligible under the scheme

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