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AL Habib Roshan Digital Account (RDA) holders can now invest digitally in Roshan Mutual Funds from anywhere in the world. A wide range of investment funds are managed by AL Habib Asset Management Company (AMC) duly licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan and approved by the State Bank of Pakistan for Overseas Pakistanis. To build investment portfolio for higher returns from the highly competitive Pakistan's Capital market.

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  • Roshan Digital Account Holders

Key Features

  • Opportunity to invest in the AL Habib Asset Management Company in Pakistan.
  • Accounts are fully repatriable.
  • 24/7 Assistance through Roshan Digital Unit (RDU)
  • Professional and Dedicated Fund Managers Team of AL Habib AMC.
  • Access to one of the wide range of products which include: Name of Fund Fund Category
01. AL Habib Cash Fund (Formally First Habib Cash Fund) Money Market
02. AL Habib Income Fund (Formally First Habib Income Fund) Income
03. AL Habib Islamic Income Fund (Formally First Habib Islamic Income Fund) Shariah Compliant Income
04. AL Habib Asset Allocation Fund (Formally First Habib Asset Allocation Fund) Asset Allocation
05. AL Habib Stock Fund (Formally First Habib Stock Fund) Equity
06. AL Habib Islamic Stock Fund (Formally First Habib Islamic Stock Fund) Shariah Compliant Equity
07. AL Habib Money Market Fund Money Market
08. AL Habib Islamic Cash Fund Shariah Compliant Money Market
09. AL Habib Islamic Savings Fund Shariah Compliant Income
10. Voluntary Pension Scheme Fund VPS (Islamic & Conventional)

Procedure for Investment in Mutual Funds

  • Once investment account is opened, the investor may then transfer investments through Bank AL Habib’s Internet Banking from registered AL Habib Roshan Digital Account.
  • AL Habib Asset management will send account statement and investment acknowledgment letter to the investor once the investment is processed.

Steps for Investment in Mutual Funds Through the RDA Portal

Following steps will be required for investment in Mutual Funds through the RDA portal:

  • Visit the RDA portal, select Mutual Funds Investment Icon.
  • Provide basic information (Account Number, Mobile Number, Email Address) and OTP sent to your registered email address.)
  • Note: In case you do not receive the OTP, please select the Re-generate OTP option.
  • Enter the OTP after successful validation, details will be auto populated from your existing AL Habib Roshan Digital Account (RDA)
    • You may now select the Fund from the list and invest in Funds of your choice, no Restriction on investment from conventional to Islamic (vice versa)
  • The customer will provide the following details
    • Frequency of Statement (Monthly / Annually)
    • Dividend Payout ( Reinvestment / Cash)
  • Tick mark the following
  • Upon successful completion of request payment will be made through your AL Habib Roshan Digital Account
  • You will receive a confirmation email and Login Credentials from AL Habib Asset Management on your registered email.

Procedure for Redemption / Conversion in Mutual Funds

  • The Investor can directly file redemptions / conversions through digital channels of Bank AL Habib and AL Habib Asset Management.
  • Payment against redemptions shall be credited into the registered AL Habib Roshan Digital Account Only.

  • What is a Mutual Fund?

    Investors pool their money in a Fund which is managed by professional managers who invest money in a wide range of securities depending upon the category and objective of the Fund. The assets created through the investors' contribution to the pool are divided into units and the increase and decrease in the value of each unit reflects the performance of the Fund. As increasing number of investors put additional money into the Fund, more assets are purchased and more units are issued and added to the Fund.

  • All individuals, corporate bodies, NGOs, trusts, retirement funds can invest in our Funds depending upon their risk profile and requirement.

    • There is no minimum holding period. The units are encashable anytime at redemption price and payment will be available within six working days
    • There is no ceiling on investment
    • Performance of the Funds can be assessed each day through sale/ redemption price
    • Professional Management: The AMC (Asset management Company) has qualified fund managers and research team; these people identify the investment opportunities after thorough research.
    • Liquidity: In any of the Funds you can enter with a minimum amount (as prescribed in details of each fund) and can redeem your units any time you wish at the prevailing repurchase price.
    • Diversification: Mutual funds carry low risk compare to direct investment in a single security/ instrument because Mutual funds invest in a diversified range of securities/ instruments.
  • The income earned on the investments and realized capital gains daily appreciate the value of unit holders’ initial investment and can be redeemed any time. However, the AMC distributes the income earned to the Unit holders in proportion of the number of units owned. It is mandatory for Mutual Funds to distribute at least 90% of their income to Unit holders. The income is distributed in the form of cash or dividend.

  • The sale and redemption prices of all the Funds are announced daily, based on Net Asset Value (NAV) so the investors are updated of the financial status of the Funds on a daily basis. The prices are also available on AL Habib Asset Management website.

  • Minimum Amount of Investment at the time of Account Opening is Rs. 5,000 and subsequent amount for investment (sale) or Conversion is Rs. 1,000.

  • No, you can make transactions 24/7, however those transaction shall be processed on next dealing day if executed on holidays or after cut off time mentioned on AL Habib Asset Management web site.