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In line with the Government of Pakistan’s priority to improve socio-economic life of the special persons in the country and SBP’s measures for improving access to finance for this vulnerable segment of the economy, a refinance cum credit guarantee scheme titled ‘Small Enterprise (SE) Financing and Credit Guarantee Scheme for Special Persons’ is being launched across the country. Under the scheme bank are required to provide financing facilities to special persons to meet credit needs of their businesses.

Financing Tenor

Financing Tenor

5 Years

(6 months grace period)

Mark Up Rate


Per Anum


1.5 Million


Salient Features

Financing Facility Women
Financing under the scheme will be available to special persons holding CNIC with disability logo/symbol.
Financing Under The Scheme Provided
Financing may be provided for setting up of new business enterprises or for expansion of existing ones.

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