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Directors and employees of the Bank shall always be guided by the following values:

  • Respect for people
  • Relationships of Trust
  • Service to Customers
  • Simplicity in Everything
  • Culture of Ownership
  • Communication & Cooperation

Brief description of each of the above-mentioned values is given below:

Respect for People

We must treat our colleagues, customers, and all other persons who come into contact with us with utmost respect, courtesy, and decency.

Relationships of Trust

We must be worthy of the trust of people who work or do business with us. Trust is earned by acting with honesty, fairness, and prudence in all dealings and in all circumstances. Keeping promises is an essential element of trust.

Service to Customers

We must provide the best possible service to customers. We should listen to them, anticipate their needs, solve their problems, and make it easy and pleasant for them to do business with us. We aim for continuous improvement and innovation in our products, services, and systems.

Simplicity in Everything

We must achieve simplicity in everything we do. These include our products and services, our policies and procedures, and our way of living and behaving. Simplicity means eliminating all that is wasteful, complicated, or unnecessary, and keeping paperwork to the minimum.

Culture of Ownership

We must take ownership of our work, personally and as a team. Ownership means willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done, instead of waiting for others to act. “It’s not my work” is never an acceptable response in a culture of ownership.

Communication & Cooperation

We must maintain the best possible communication with colleagues and customers at all levels. Good listening is essential for good communication. Most effective communication is face-to-face. We aim for the highest level of cooperation and teamwork among ourselves.